700r4 DIY / Homemade custom Tools

These photos show how you can avoid the expense of buying the genuine GM tools for that are used to rebuild the 700R4 gearbox.

Instead of tool J23327, This simple tool is used for compressing the spring assemblies to remove the circlip on the drum. Same tool also works for removing the low piston from the case. Lip seal installer made from welding rod and Mylar sheet used for guiding seals in - Instead of tools J29883 and J29882

Instead of Tool T-1574 instalation tool, The teflon rings can be installed using mylar sheet and instead of tool J-1574 Resizing tool, use a simple tapered sleeve - An old Stator support used for final resize and protection.

This is how you can make your own spring compressor instead of tool J23456

Instead of tool J29714 this photo shows how you can compress the servo cover.

Instead of tool J33037 for checking the length of the servo apply pin, simply reassemble the servo cover without any seals and press down on the cover as seen above. You want about 1/8" of travel.

You dont need tool J29837 Output shaft support. Just make sure it doesn't drop out when you remove the input carrier snap ring.

Transmission Jack

I have bought a Sealey 1/2 ton transmission jack (500CEW) and made a full-size cradle to enable me to drop the transmission and transfer box out in one go safely. I only paid £130 for the jack and was pleasently suprised how strong and well made it is. You can adjust the angle in both planes and the pump handle is short and can be turned round to any angle. Overall very impressed with it.