Small Block Chevy 350 into Dakar / Range Rover

The Engine

It's a 1979 350 (5.7) 4 bolt block complete with new crank,Pistons,Cam,Manifolds,Carb,Distributor,Exhaust manifolds - basicly AS NEW!

Also included was the TH350 autobox, brand new exhausts, a petrol flymo and a bottle of Co2 (for mig welder) all for only £400!

This is my old 200Bhp 3.9 Rover V8 out, it served me well, but I want MORE power. Getting anything more than 250 BHP from a rover will cost over £5000.

With the proceedes from selling the rover engine (which is now in an MGB somewhere), i bought some nice Edelbrock Aluminium heads: