Small Block Chevy 350 into Dakar / Range Rover

Getting the gearbox out

Once the engine had been pulled, it was time to tackle getting that great big LT95 four speed manual out. I've never done it before, and from all accounts there really heavy.

I had a cunning idea; i put a beam across the roll cage, and used a block and tackle to lower the gearbox down. Notice how much tension is on the ratchet strap.

At the same time, i had 3 ton trolley jack underneath to help out

The gearbox is slowly lowered out...

And finally, it's completely out. I had to jack the car up to get it out from underneath!. These things are really big and heavy.

This is the same box as fitted for a forward control 101 - for lugging squadies around in!

Once everything was out, it leaves a massive empty hole. I took this opportunity to clean and paint the whole car as it was looking a bit scabby after 5 years of abuse..