Small Block Chevy 350 into Dakar / Range Rover

Here are the details on Chevy 350 engine swap.The conversion is based around mating a GM Turbo Hydramatic TH350 onto Land Rover LT230 transfer box, And now the upgrade to fit a TH700R4

The following sections show how the small block chevy can be fitted into a Range rover (classic) or in my case a Dakar4x4 (rr based) using an adapter that allows the TH350 to be bolted directly on the LT230 without any modifications.

This approach was taken becuase the TH350 bolts directly to the 350 Chevy and is capable of taking the power output from the engine. Also, rebuilding and upgrading the TH350 is cheap and easy (even in the UK - probably even cheaper in the US). I completely re-built the box using a heavy duty re-build kit from Real-Steel. I also fitted a B&M Trans-pack shift kit.

Paul Bishop was the first to complete the conversion in his RR/90 hybrid. This was followed by Andy Gollins in is Bobtail Range Rover (now a series 1 hybrid). Paul had the conversion kit re-manufactured from billet alluminium. Tom Tilley's Dakar uses the same conversion adapter. There are a number of others floating around the world!

These photos are not strictly in chronological order. Basicly I bought the 5.7 engine on a whim. Then I advertised my 3.9 on a whim, and someone bought it - so that forced the issue to get the conversion done. The car sat on the drive for a couple of months between selling the old 3.9 and getting everything ready for the 5.7

Please also read the Gearbox FAQ for information about fitting different gearboxes to a range rover / LT230