Small Block Chevy 350 into Dakar / Range Rover

The Adapter Plate

My conversion is based on a friends original design, but differs in that my adapter bolts directly to the original torqueflite adapter that Land rover made in the early 80's to fit automatic transmission to the range rover.

Paul Bishops original Design

The following pictures show Paul’s adapter. This design benefits from the fact that you don't need to source the original adapter that Land rover used. However, this design doesn't have provision for mounting the high/low/diff lock lever. Paul has this CNC machined from billet ally.

My Version of the Same Design

This picture shows what im trying to achieve; namley Small block chevy, TH350 autobox and Land Rover LT230 all coupled together. At this stage, i was trying to take measurements and make sure it was all going to fit.

These pictures show my version of the adapter. To keep things simple we re-used the original RR auto adapter and simply made an adapter for the adapter!. Mine was cheaper to make, because it only required one 5 inch round bar in which it was turned from. This design benefits from the fact that the high/low lever bolts to the original location.

Thanks to my DAD for spinning this masterpiece up for me!

Start with a billet of Aluminium (yes, dad can't spell!)

Heres the adapter, the coupling shaft and the all important thinking lubricant (Mmm Beer).

Once the adapter was made, It needed aligning on the original Range rover adapter - This photo shows the process of aligning the LT230 and the TH350 using sprit levels. Once I "spotted" the holes, they were drilled and tapped.