Fitting of BF Goodrich 35x12.50x15's Mud Terains on 10 Inch rims:

Now that i'm running a bigger engine, what better way to squander that extra power, than fitting massive tyres to it!

Comparision of 33's against 35's, Massive amounts of lead required to balance them

O-err, a bit close missus

Ive now fitted a TH700r4 gearbox and a 1.19:1 transfer box, which pushes these wheels along nicely.

Andy Gollins - Chevy 350 Landrover stage 1 hybrid

Andy has been playing with big tyres too, these are a pair of Interco Super Swampers 44's he fitted but removed as the car was un-driveable:

He has now fitted a pair of 39's super swampers to it, which with castor angle correction seems to be a good combo.

Now sporting Volvo C303 Laplander portal axles with 39' TSL Swampers

21/6/2006 Yet another creation from Angle Grinder Andy

This time its an early Land Rover Discovery with 39 inch super swampers fitted. Body lift is 12 inches.

Expect to see it a Billing in June 2006

If your'e thinking of doing this, dont waste your time jacking and propping the body up - just remove the whole thing and make a subframe at the desired height.