The following pages details the installation of Megasquirt onto my 350 Chevy V8 using a converted Edelbrock Manifold and Autonomics throttle body.

My Combination is as Follows:

Megasquirt - Extra code

Version 2 PCB

Ford EDIS 8 Ignition

Autonomics Throttle Body - Bored to 41mm and converted to progressive action

Edelbrock Performer RPM converted to port injection

Siemens 60Lb High Impedance injectors

Twin Garrett T34 Turbos - 6 psi boost

Homemade Chargecooler

UK Megasquirt information

Al Grippo no longer sells partial kits, you need to go via a vendor/distributor. This is actually much easier than the old way of getting a cheque made out in dollars and posting it to Al and waiting for your stuff.

Bill Shurvinton (AKA Shurvalot, Shurvington, shevrington and many other misspellings) is one of the UK agents for all things Megsquirt. He carries stocks of Glens Garage Kits, Fully built megasquirts, Innovate LC1 and Techedge wideband lambda sensors. Contact him via email on bill[@] (remove the square brackets around the @ ). Also try Phil Ringwood who wrote many features in the code and offers kits.

The Megasquirt Yahoo group has many of the UK squirters on there, Bill Shurvinton is usually around to answer any UK supply questions

For users of "Megasquirt - Extra" the forums can be can be found at

UK Source of GM Sensors

The throttle pot is a brand new off the shelf "Standard Motor Products" PN TH18 throttle pot, from John Woolfe Racing - Bedford (They carry parts for Yank stuff, like 4 pin HEI modules too under part number LX-301)

They carry the coolant and Air temp sensors under the "Standard" brand too. The Coolant is a TX3 and the Air Temp is an AX1 each around £10 - they also supply the pigtail connectors under AX1a and TX3a (Although at the time they only had one type, so i modified the connector to fit on the other one) See the MegaManual for pictures of the sensors and connectors:HERE

Or you could just get the actual thermistor itself from RS part number 151-215 (known as a 'sperm') and adapt an existing sensor.

These pages document my MegaSquirt Fuel injection computer Installation. This will consist of a GM TBI unit initially, this allows easy conversion back to carbs if i run into problems (or get stuck in the middle of no-where)

Assembling the MegaSquirt Kit

I used the digikey automated BOM, and the got the chip and board from Al directly. (Which is no longer possible, use one of the Authorised vendors - its much easier!) The Megasquirt is now up and running on the Stimulator (Kindly loaned by bill SHURVINTON)

The case came from Maplin, you need to cut a couple of MM of the edges of the card to make it fit.

Maplin Part No. N85AL £9.99

Here's a different idea to using MegaView, A little Toshiba paperback sized laptop.. Its a Libretto 100ct. Megatune seems to work, even though its a P166 / 32mb / win95!