RAF Holmpton Cold war bunker

Following a trip to York with the family, we decided to visit another cold war bunker - this time in East Riding in Yorkshire - Link

A word of warning - they seem to love 30MPH speed limits even in open countryside - it takes forever to drive out there.

Unlike Kelvedon Hatch, you are free to take photos and they have experienced guides who know the subject matter well (ex mil types).  It’s a two level bunker(Kelvedon is a 3 level). Plans and history on the sub-brit site

Familiar design guardhouse, seems odd that all the “secret” bunkers had identical guardhouses - discover one of them, and you only needed to look around for similar buildings to identify others.

Hotline to Norad

Early Crypto gear

Dad why do you take us to these weird bunkers?

Entrance tunnel