BMW E65 750 N62 V8 Valve stem oil seal repair - Part 2

How to use the AGA valve stem seal to replace your stem seals on a smoky bmw N62 V8 engine.

Remove the red wiring loom                   Unscrew the earth leads and COP clamps using E-TORX E6 Socket                                     

Remove breather hose by squeezing clamp.

Remove sensors using E6 socket

Lift up and pull out Coil On Plug caps

Remove the plastic cable ducting with the loom inside from the rocker cover.

There’s two clips that hold the whole thing onto the rocker cover, Ignore the plastic clips that keeps the box together.

Remove the big round servo motor from the rocker cover.

Do a final vacuum around the fuel injector area - dirt drops into the head when you remove the cover

Undo all 13 bolts that hold the cover on. My was stuck hard to the engine case and took a bit of levering and persuasion to get off.  

I got a screwdriver under the front and levered it up about an inch or so and it eventually let go.

Its pretty tricky to get off, just take your time and look.

You must avoid twisting or damaging the cam position sensor at the back.

It took me 5 Hours of work to get to this point.

Fit the brush plugs (stops parts dropping in the sump).  Also remove spark plugs and replace with plastic stoppers which allow air out, but stop parts dropping in.    Remove the oil spray bar and Fit the AGA brackets to the cam - follow the AGA instructional Video from this point onwards.

The actual valve stem seals are made from metal and you need to be quite rough in a twisting and pulling motion to get them off.  I use a selection of pliers shown on page 1.

I was unable to physically see the inlet valve on Cylinder 4 (rearmost) - so I used a USB endocope (Camera) and my laptop to help see round corners.

More to follow as I progress.   The work is slow and fiddly and requires lots patience, swearing and cups of tea.

At the moment It takes about 4 hours to do one cylinder (4 seals) - the exhaust ones are quick, but the inlet ones take more time.

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