Electric Go Kart Project

I got my inspiration from the this somewhat wacky site called The Workshop and a British site called Built for fun which is highly recommended for it's wealth of knowledge, plans and links to parts suppliers.

So I fancied having a go myself - A kids go-kart seemed like a good idea and would get the lad involved in making it, so started looking around for a base chassis. I kept my eye out for mobility scooters, 3 wheeled ATVs and Lawn tractors and I finally scored this sorry looking chassis of ebay for about £20:

It has some nice features like front suspension, differential and brake

And some not so nice features such as a butchered chassis:

July - Chassis rebuild

So first job was to replace the butchered chassis rails (someone cut them to make room for larger tyres I think).Needed to order about £70 worth of steel (some for stock)

August - Motor

Ordered a Unite MY1020Z-3 36 volt 600 watt gear reduction motor from a stranger in china which cost a little over £100 delivered. It turned up badly packaged but in once piece a couple of weeks later.

I didn't really want a 36v motor because it means I need three batteries and the chargers are more expensive - but that was the only one they could supply so I had to take it.

Front wheel is missing because I wrecked the bearing trying to get it off the stub axle - and the size is totally custom. I've replaced is with piece of Nylon for now.