Dakar Body off Restoration - Part two

Rebuild Parts

Had quite a large parts ordering session in order to complete the build:

Full sheet of 16 Gauge NS4 Ally - Metals Express

Rustoleum Combicolor RAL 5017 TRAFFIC BLUE

Rustoleum Combicolor Satin Black

Cleko kit, Rivnuts, Stainless pop rivets and sikaflex from Car Builder Solutions

Wire, Crimps and slitted conduit from Vehicle Wiring Products

Side Panel Fabrication

Starting with a whole sheet of NS4 ally, I created a template for the return edge in the rear wheel arch and then used a jigsaw to cut out the shape.

By clamping the panel to the bench, I hand folded the two angles on the panel (I used a protractor to measure the required angle on the car).

Battery boxes

With the completion of the side panels, I realised that the battery boxes were in a very poor condition. This was due to the fact that I riveted bare unpainted steel together (due to my impatience at the time to get the car finished). So lesson was learnt there. I flattened the old boxes with a hammer to create the templates for the new ones.

Unfortunately I only had 16 gauge steel available - which made bending them a little harder. But overall they came out well considering I only used G Clamps and hammers.

Once complete I sent them off to Milton Keynes Powder Coaters (Alpha Metal Coating) and had the coated in RAL5017 powder. I also painted the chassis as I have always hated the grey colour.

Rear Wheel Arch Fabrication

The original kit has fibreglass arches - I never had those and my old steel ones were totally rotten. So I made a template up from 1mm card which has remarkably similar properties to the ally I use. In fact, Aston Martin works service in Newport Pagnell use the same card and have actually bought up all the remaining stock of the stuff from the local art shop! - so now I’ll have to use smaller and more expensive sheets.

In the second picture you can see my new tool; It’s a digital protractor  - its fantastic for measuring the angles off the car and reproducing them on the bench.

A little more work to make some end caps

3mm checker for the floor, more powder coating and were done..