BMW E65 750 N62 V8 Valve stem oil seal repair - Part 3

How to use the AGA valve stem seal to replace your stem seals on a smoky bmw N62 V8 engine.

Nearside (UK) Cylinders 5-8  - This side has far better access and visibility, I recommend you start this side first.

Start by removing the cover for the engine ECU Box and disconnecting the entire engine loom.

Remove all the sensors and coil packs as per the other side

Unbolt and move oil tank to one side.

Remove the 13 bolts and remove cover.

Lever the cover up from the front but keep an eye on the eccentric sensor at the other end of the cover the connector is fragile and brittle.

As soon as you can fit your hand inside remove the spark plug tubes as it makes it easer to remove the cover

Update: I’ve sold the tool. The person who bought it from me lists doing the work for £1100 which seems fair to me.

Their ebay username is HEMI_SUSA  

And their website is:

Another company offering the service for £1200 who sometimes lists on ebay is:

Fixed automotive services, James Connor, 19 Hampson Crescent, Handforth, Cheshire, Sk93hf, United Kingdom


Or you can rent the tool from this chap:

phil_clements at

Please note - I’m not connected to the people listed above and cant vouch for their work - if you do use them, let me know the outcome so I can share here.

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Whilst the rocker covers are off, you should change the upper timing cover gaskets, the o-rings for the Vanos solenoids and the gasket for the vacuum pump.

On my car the nearside (cyl5-8) bolts were obscured by the alternator bracket (which includes the oil cooler). The web says to swing the alternator out of the way, but that doesn’t help at-all.

I chose to abandon the replacement of that gasket, but I did change the o-rings on the solenoids. (Update - it’s not leaking!)

I replaced the spark plug tubes, even though the old ones weren’t leaking. I noticed they have been revised with heat shields over the originals.


After being off the road for a month the car is now back together and no longer smoking.  My advice is to start with the nearside (cyls 5-8) as it has better access to get the hang of it.

The total time to complete this work was about 4-5 days - it’s fiddly,  but the seals can be replaced in situ with this tool.